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Clinicopathological Correlates of Adrenal †Free Samples to Students

Question: Examine about the Clinicopathological Correlates of Adrenal. Answer: Presentation: Raised degrees of cortisol hormone are for the most part answerable for the event of Cushing condition. Cortisol is mostly created by adrenal organs in the body. Cortisol performs significant capacities in the body like guideline of circulatory strain and typical working of cardiovascular framework. Cortisol is likewise useful in reacting to pressure and using starches, proteins and fats in the usable vitality. Notwithstanding, raised degrees of cortisol, disturb these physiological procedures and lead to advancement of Cushing condition. Cortisol levels in MV may increment because of significant levels of pressure, hunger, sadness and elevated levels of passionate pressure. Cortisol levels in an individual can likewise increment because of athletic preparing, liquor abuse and frenzy issue. High dosages of mitigating prescriptions like corticosteroids may expand cortisol levels. Pituitary organ discharges progressively adrenocorticotropic (ACTH) hormone in pituitary organ tumor. This expansion in the adrenocorticotroic hormone is known as Cushings infection. Adrenal organ variation from the norm or tumor may cuase Cushings condition. Indeed, even though70 80 % instances of the Cushing's disorder happen because of over the top emission of ACTH from the pituitary adenomas, it is clear that solitary 10 15 % pituitary adenomas mystery unreasonable ACTH. Despite the fact that around 10 % instances of the Cushing's disorder happen because of unnecessary discharge of cortisol from the adrenal adenomas, it is clear that solitary 6 % adrenal adenomas mystery over the top cortisol. Be that as it may, definite etiology of over the top discharge of ACTH from pituitary adenomas and cortisol emission from adrenal adenomas has not been entrenched. Hereditary investigations set up that transformation in the ubiquitin-explicit protease 8 is liable for Cushing's sickness 1,2. Contrast between Cushings condition and Cushings infection: Tumor in the adrenal organ creates more measure of cortisol. This prompts the advancement of Cushings disorder. Cushings disorder can likewise be created because of tumor in the pituitary organ. Cushings disorder is the gathering of side effects wherein cortisol levels stays raised for the more drawn out length. Tumor in the pituitary organ creates more measure of ACTH. This ACTH invigorates more discharge of cortisol from the adrenal organ. This kind of Cushings disorder is called as Cushings ailment. Tumors created by ACTH can be delivered anyplace in the body and these are named as ectopic tumors. Long haul steroid organization is one of the reasons for Cushings disorder. Cushings malady may happen because of the endogenous elements such as self-overproduction of cortisol by the body. Endogenous over-creation of cortisol may happen because of pituitary tumor (Cushings infection), adrenal tumor and ectopic tumors3. Nerve center is the piece of mind underneath which pituitary organ is available. Corticotropin-discharging hormone (CRH) is emitted by paraventricular core (PVN) of the nerve center. CRH invigorates pituitary organ to mystery ACTH. ACTH gets moved through blood and as result adrenal organ gets animated to mystery cortisol. Zona fasciculata is the district of cortex of adrenal organ which is answerable for the emission of cortisol. Corticosteroid hormones are heavily influenced by nerve center pituitary-adrenal pivot. Corticosteroids show most conspicuous metabolic movement during the postprandial period. During this period, these hormones act as contra-separate hormones. Subsequently, it gives substrates to oxidative digestion and invigorate lipolysis and proteolysis. This outcomes in the arrival of unsaturated fats and amino acids which instigate glucose creation by animating gluconeogenesis and repressing glycogen union. Raised degrees of cortisol are answerable for the negative cr iticism which is liable for the diminished discharge of ACTH. Pathophysiology: In a wide range of etiologies of Cushing disorder, there are raised degrees of cortisol. Cortisol discharging adenoma in the cortex of adrenal organ happens in Cushings condition. This adenoma of cortex of adrenal organ may be of essential hypercortisolism or hypercorticism types. Cushings disorder because of raised degrees of ACTH is known as ectopic Cushing condition. Patients with serious hypercortisolism are related with the phenotypes like glucose bigotry, dyslipidaemia, metabolic bone ailment, and strange weight gain. Then again patients with gentle or moderate hypercortisolism are once in a while connected with glucose narrow mindedness, dyslipidaemia, metabolic bone infection, and unusual weight gain. Consequently, it is hard to separate these patients from different patients with metabolic condition. There is introduction of striae, supraclavicular fat cushions, and proximal muscle shortcoming in patients with expanded hypercortisolism6. Raised degrees of corticosteroids bri ngs about the enlarged creation of glucose at the degree of liver and skeletal muscle. In liver corticosteroids increment levels of glucose by invigorating gluconeogenesis and repressing insulin affectability. Corticosteroids animate gluconeogenesis by following up on various qualities liable for glucose digestion. Corticosteroids decrease insulin affectability by applying hostile impact on metabolic activity of insulin which is most significant hormone required for concealment of glucose production7,8. Corticosteroids decline articulation and phosphorylation of insulin receptor substrate (IRS)- 1, phosphatidylinositol-3kinase (PI3K) and protein kinase B (PKB/AKT). Therefore, there is decline in relocation of glucose transporter GLUT4 to the cell surface which brings about the decrease of glucose take-up. It likewise prompts diminishing of glycogen synthase kinase (GSK)- 3 phosphorylation and results in the decline of glycogen union. In skeletal muscles, corticosteroids increment insulin opposition which brings about the diminished glucose take-up and anticipation of glycogen combination. Corticosteroids show impact on insulin opposition by straightforwardly following up on the insulin receptor or change in the insulin work by modifying lipid and protein metabolism9,10. Corticosteroids likewise assume conspicuous job in the controlling fat tissue separation, appropriation and digestion. Corticosteroids can animate separation of pre-adipocytes in adipocytes. Expanded adipocytes are related with raised muscle to fat ratio mass. Corticosteroid explicitly follow up on instinctive fat and not on the fringe fat. Henceforth, corticosteroids are related with focal stoutness in Cushings condition. Corticosteroids likewise assume job in the arrival of hormone like adipokine which is answerable for the advancement of insulin opposition. Co-event of insulin opposition and expanded instinctive fat can prompt the advancement of metabolic condition which is related with disability in the glucose digestion. Metabolic condition involves instinctive stoutness, diabetes mellitus, and dyslipidemia. Impact of corticosteroids on the pancreatic beta cells bring about the diminished insulin discharge. Corticosteroids show impact on insulin discharge in portion ward and tim e subordinate way. Corticosteroid display impact on various strides of insulin emission like glucose take-up, glucose usage and calcium motions and exocytosis of granules containing insulin. Glucose transporter GLUT2 and glucokinase articulation gets diminished due to corticosteroids11,12. Corticosteroids can change AMP-actuated protein kinase (AMPK) movement in tissue explicit way. Concealment of AMPK is corresponding to hypercortisolism. Because of tissue explicit exercises, AMPK expands craving, instinctive stoutness and dyslipidemia. Upon initiation, AMPK assumes key job in glycolysis and unsaturated fat combination which produces ATP. Because of hormone-delicate lipase (HSL), there is expanded degree of lipids structure fat tissue which lead to advancement of adipocytes. 11 - hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 (11 H SD1) is liable for the actuation of cortisol from the dormant cortisone. 11 H SD1 overexpressed in develop adipocytes in conditions like hepatic steatosis and there is expanded degrees of cholesterol and triglycerides. 11 H SD1 is likewise connected with insulin obstruction. Cardiovascular entanglements related with corticosteroids incorporate foundational blood vessel hypertension, atherosclerosis, and thromboembolism. It has been set up that raised degrees of corticosteroid can prompt the expansion in renin-angiotensin framework, animated thoughtful sensory system and endothelin framework. It additionally prompts decreased nitric oxide (NO) combination and kallikrein-kinin framework. Patients of Cushings condition are related with irreversible blood vessel firmness. Endothelin, homocysteine, vascular endothelial factor, adrenomedulin, and cell grip atoms are the markers of endothelial brokenness and are answerable for vascular endothelial and smooth muscle multiplication and fibrosis around vessels and therefore improvement of atherosclerosis plaques. In subclinical Cushings condition both systolic and diastolic hypertension can happen. Circulatory strain can hoist in patients with Cushings disorder because of ACTH invigorated cortisol level15,16. Cort icosteroids additionally delivers immunosuppression and neuropsychiatric inconveniences. Ectopic ACTH creation lead to Cushings condition and neurocognitive weakness. Neuropsychiatric clutters related with Cushings disorder are significant misery, madness, uneasiness, and subjective impairment17. Bone confusions related with corticosteroids incorporate osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Osteoporosis may happen in patients with Cushings condition because of expanded bone reabsorption, diminished bone development, decreased intestinal calcium retention and expanded urinary calcium excretion18. Atomic Pathology: Adrenocortical carcinomas are related with clinical hypercortisolism and androgen overproduction. Raised degrees of urinary metab

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Ch 9 Criminal Justice Administration Free Essays

1)What elements add to the restorative populaces? What effect do medicate laws have on them? a. Truth-in-condemning laws have added to the expansion just as inability to restore. The expansion and get serious about medication related laws have contributed a noteworthy bit of the populace. We will compose a custom exposition test on Ch 9 Criminal Justice Administration or then again any comparative subject just for you Request Now 2)What are a portion of the major regulatory situations inside a jail framework? a. A portion of the major regulatory positions are jail chief, open issues organizer, authoritative liason, legitimate consultants, inner issues delegate, medicinal services experts, remedial program experts, and human administration. )How do supermax detainment facilities work uniquely in contrast to different jails? What concearns have been raised concerning the supposed impacts on detainees, defendability, and open security. a. Supermax detainment facilities work distinctively in the manner they need to make sure about the jail and detainee, and house them in lone cells. Concearns that have been raised are things like the state of control, there is no wellbeing pad gave these hoodlums escape, mental damage from the manner in which they are housed, and ailments. )What are in any event five of the significant U. S. Preeminent Court choices managing rights to detainees? a. Ruffun v. Commonweath, Turner v . Safley, Cooper V. Pate, Johnson V. Avery, and Bounds V. Smith are for the most part cases managing rights to detainees. 5) When and how did such choices serve to end the hands-off precept? a. They began in 1871 and they served to end the teaching by demonstrating that detainees ought not so much be gotten from the constitution. )What is an immediate oversight prison, and how can it vary in the plan and capacity from customary correctional facilities? a. An immediate oversight prison is another face on the old method of correctional facilities. It varies by physical condition, isolating official from prisoner, permitting officials to have an immediate view, and milder furnishings. 7)Why was the Prison Litigation Reform Act ordered, and has it had an effect? a. It was ordered to give resoutions to jail condition claims and dishearten misuse. It has had an effect by lessening prisoner petitions. 8)In what significant ways do correctional facilities contrast from detainment facilities in their association and organization? Help with detainee reemergence again into the network? a. They contrast principally through who investigates them. Prisons fill in as agaents of progress and have objectives for aiding reemergence. 9)What are the essential elements of a prison chairman? a. They are law masters. 10)What are the points of interest collect to an adjustments office on the off chance that it is accreditited? a. Favorable circumstances are having cutting edge system, improving confidence and polished skill and substantially more. 11)What are the different sorts of probation frameworks directed in the US? Depict each. a. Adolescent which screens adolescents on state city or area level, Municipal which is autonomous and is controlled by the lower courts, province which works under state law, state which is incorporated and offers support all through the state, state joined which is both probation and parole, and government which is regulated by the bureaucratic courts. 2)Should Probation administrations be put inside the legal or official part of government? Shield your answer a. They ought to be set with official since they are accountable for doing the laws need to see who tails them or not. 13)What are the two essential models of parole organization? a. The two essential models of parole organization are the autonomous model and the united model. Step by step instructions to refer to Ch 9 Criminal Justice Administration, Essay models

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Tips for Managing Your Money in Old Age

Tips for Managing Your Money in Old Age Tips for Managing Your Money in Old Age Tips for Managing Your Money in Old AgeThe sooner you start getting serious with your money, the easier it will be to manage your finances during your golden years.Retirement is a time that’s meant to be enjoyed, not stressed over. But if you’re not managing your money properly, the odds of that stress-free retirement coming to pass are pretty low.In fact, if you don’t have enough money saved up to supplement your Social Security checks, your retirement years could end up missing one crucial thing: retirement.In a worst-case scenario, you might even end up relying on predatory no credit check loans and short-term bad credit loans (like payday loans, cash advances, or even title loans) to make ends meet.That’s not what you want, which is why we reached out to some financial and elder care experts for their advice on managing your money in old age. The sooner you start following these helpful tips, the more comfortable your retirement will be!Build a budget.  In order to enjoy your golden years, you’re going to need money, and the only way you’re going to have that money is if you save it. That means creating (and sticking to) a budget.“You should start planning as soon as you feel your future retirement is in jeopardy,” offered Holly Peterson, owner of  Elite Retirement Strategies in Pocatello, Idaho. “If you don’t track your spending, you can’t get control of your savings.”“Work to create a budget to see how much you need to save in order to retire,” she said. “Creating and sticking with a budget is one of the most essential parts of saving money.”If you’re at a bit a loss for how to do that, don’t fret. We have a handy guide for budgeting beginners, complete with a  free downloadable spreadsheet that you can use to build a budget of your very own!Be prepared to ask for help.There are lots of people who feel uncomfortable asking for help; but as you age, the odds increase that you’re going to require some assistanceâ€"espec ially with your money. The sooner you make peace with thatâ€"and plan accordinglyâ€"the better.“As a senior, there may come a time when you want someone you trust to help you manage your money.” Susanna Williams, a consultant for Hospice of South Louisiana. Consider keeping a list of all of your financial institutes and accounts and keep it locked in a safe place only accessible by your loved ones if there’s an emergency.”An attorney can help you decide if you need a document called a Power of Attorney which allows other people that you specifically designate to make key decisions over your finances,” she continued.“This can keep you feeling secure with your finances in case of any illnesses or other emergencies that make you unable to manage to your finances yourself.”Think about where you’ll retire.“Housing costs comprise the largest, single monthly expense for many Americans,” explained Drew Kellerman, founder of  Phase 2 Wealth Advisors in Gig Harbor, Washing ton. As such, he had a couple of different recommendations for how you can keep your housing costs down in retirement.“One way to make ends meet on Social Security is to consider moving in with extended family,” he said. “This arrangement can be in exchange for sharing some of the housing expenses, helping with the chores, watching the grandkids on a regular basis, etc.”But if that’s not a good option, Kellerman suggested that you might want to reconsider where, exactly, you’re planning to retire.“Another comprehensive way to stretch your dollar is to live in a place with a lower cost of living,” he said. “Here in the U.S., it costs far more to live in the most densely populated, coastal city areas than it does in many other parts of our nation.”And Kellerman even suggested that you could consider retiring abroad:“Many retirees who would barely get by on their modest income here in the U.S.A. have found that they can live at least a middle-class lifestyle on So cial Security alone, depending on where they choose to live.”“This is not a decision to be taken lightly, as there are many factors that should be considered,” he cautioned. “If living abroad in retirement is appealing, we recommend conducting thorough research and ‘test trips before making the big move.”Earn some extra income.One of the issues that many people struggle with post-retirement is boredom: They simply don’t have enough to do! Meanwhile, many others don’t have quite enough money saved up to live the kind of lifestyle they would like to.Two birds, meet one stone: You can get a side gig to add structure to your day and  to help you  earn some extra money  after youve retired.“In the current gig economy, there are many ways for people to earn extra money on top of a traditional income,” said Peterson. “Seniors even have the ability to choose gigs that match personal interests, like becoming a babysitter, dog walker, or driving for Uber.And even if you haven’t retired yet, that doesn’t mean that some extra cash here or there won’t do you good. In fact, Peterson recommends funneling that additional income directly into a retirement account.Right now is also perfect time to look for extra work. “With the economy nearing full employment, there are likely many part-time job opportunities in your area,” said Kellerman. Earning a few hundred dollars per month to supplement Social Security can make a huge difference for someone on a very tight budget.”Worried about that extra income creating some problems with your Social Security benefits? You can relax. “Even if you have not yet attained ‘full retirement age’ you can earn more than $1,300 per month without ‘losing’ any of your Social Security,” Kellerman clarified.Depending on your situation, you might be able to earn extra income from a slightly more passive source:“Many retirees who own their own home don’t want to leave but can’t really afford to stay,â € said Kellerman. “Does your home have extra rooms not in use? Consider leasing a room or two to carefully selected renters. Or, if you’re ambitious, investigate taking in short-term vacation renters through programs such as Airbnb. Both options can generate additional cash flow.”Look for senior discounts and deals.You’re probably well aware that senior discounts can help you stretch your budget further. But did you know that you could also get a senior discount on financial services?“When you hit a certain age, some financial institutions offer breaks on services,” said Williams. “Make sure to comparison shop with your bank. Don’t just settle for one if others will offer you deals as a senior that can help you hold onto more of your saved finances.“If you like your bank, let them know the offers that you have seen through other banks and see if they’ll give you the same senior discounts,” she added.And in the meantime, you should be taking advantage of any an d all senior discounts you can find. For more information on possible deals in your area, check out our blog post on 40 places that offer great senior discounts.Research senior benefit  and aid programs.Beyond just shopping around for senior discounts and making sure you ask for help with your finances, you should also be taking full advantage of the numerous government benefit and senior aid programs that this country has to offer.“Did you know there are over 2,500 benefit programs nationwide that can help ‘lower income’ seniors with expenses related to housing, medication, healthcare, taxes, etc.?” said Kellerman. “The catch? Searching for, sifting through and sorting out which benefit programs are available to you can be daunting.”Luckily, this isn’t something you will have to handle entirely on your own. “The National Council for Aging has created a fabulous non-profit website that makes it super easy to find out which of these programs you may be eligible for: w,” he said.According to Kellerman, that site can assist you with “public assistance programs that can offset the costs of medication, health care, food and nutrition, housing and utilities, as well as provide income assistance, help for veterans, employment assistance and more.”Peterson suggested two federal programs that can be particularly helpful:“Supplemental Security Income: This federally funded income supplement program is designed to help older people with little to no income who suffer from disabilities like blindness or even diabetes. Eligible recipients are given cash for their basic needs like housing, food or other necessities. SSI is a great program to help protect vulnerable seniors who have extra expenses due to their disabilities.”“Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs: The Extra Help program is available to qualifying seniors who are already using Medicare. This program helps pay for monthly premiums, annual deducti bles, and drug co-payments. In total, the program is estimated to be worth about $4,000 a year. Extra Help is a great way for seniors to make sure they’re still able to get important medication without worrying about costs.”The earlier you start getting serious with your money, the easier it will be to manage those funds throughout your golden years. Start now, and reap the benefits later. To learn more about managing your finances, check out these other posts and articles from OppLoans:Save More Money with These 40 Expert Tips8 Good Habits to Get Your Financesâ€"and Your Lifeâ€"on TrackYour Guide to Escaping a Debt TrapHow to Responsibly Maximize Your Credit Card RewardsDo you have a   personal finance question youd like us to answer? Let us know! You can find us  on  Facebook  and  Twitter.  |  InstagramContributorsDrew Kellerman is the founder of  Phase 2 Wealth Advisors in Gig Harbor, Washington.Holly Peterson is the owner of  Elite Retirement Strategies in Twin Falls, Idaho .Susanna Williams is a consultant for  Hospice of South Louisiana, a hospice that provides a holistic approach to symptom management and support for elderly patients and their families. Hospice of South Louisiana has been awarded Readers Choice Award for Hospice and received a top ranking of 100% compliance by Medicare.

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Political And Political Ethics Of A Democratic Society

Political Ethics- When do the Ends Justify the Means? It is without argument a fact that our society is ethically flawed. We are plagued by inequality, injustice, selfishness and hatred. Politicians are pioneers of change, who strive to correct these ethical flaws. It is their job to guide our society towards a more just, ethical place. There are varying schools of thought regarding how politicians can obtain the necessary power to improve the political ethics of a society. Some argue that politicians should be models of the political ethics they seek, and must go about obtaining political power in a morally correct and just way. They argue that the means of obtaining influence is just as important as the influence to create change itself. Others argue that the means with which politicians go about obtaining power is less important than the fact that they acquire the necessary power to ethically improve the society. In the mission to create a positive change in a democratic society, politicians must accept the second school of thought and reject the idea of personal political ethics until they reach the position of power in which they can create change. During the initial stages, obtaining the necessary power for transformation is more important than the process in which it is obtained. Between the political philosophers of Socrates, Rousseau, and Machiavelli, the third preaches these ideas, which are the most likely to inspire political change. After detailing theShow MoreRelatedDemocracy And The Australian Political System Essay1627 Words   |  7 Pagesproduced in the Australian political system to created a fair society, however it is ironically produced by non-democratic and democratic instruments. The extent to which the Australian political system produces a democratic and fair society is dependent upon instruments such as the Constitution, Bicameral parliament, Separation of powers, Rep resentative government, Responsible government and the ethic and values during a particular time. An instrument in the Australian political system that producesRead MoreHow Does the Presence of a Confucian Culture Affect the Operation of Democracy?1083 Words   |  5 Pagesco-exists in East Asian societies. The purpose of this essay is to explore Confucian culture and how it may affect the operation of democracy in East Asia. Confucianism is tradition of political and social thought named after the scholar Kongzi (Confucius 551-479 B.C), it is still widely practiced/ seen in social, legal, theological, ethical and political thought. Kongzi was born into low aristocracy and held an administrative government post. He was a social and political critic throughout his lifeRead MoreThe Ethics Of Unethical Behavior1626 Words   |  7 PagesA man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world, Albert Camus. Police hold a unique position in our society. They are entrusted to protect and serve the people. Their position is also unique in that it easily can lead to corruption and violence when unethical behavior is allowed. In our current culture, unethical police culture to easily seems to become the norm. Minor unethical actions seem to be ever present and larger problems have shown to become rampant in some departments. SolutionsRead MorePracticing Decentered Radical Democratic Citizenship in a Decentere d State944 Words   |  4 Pagescitizen attempts to hold onto those values that are most important to them. Chantal Mouffe (1993) proposes a form of citizenship that lies somewhere between liberalism and civic republicanism. Michael Brown (1997) then explores where this radical democratic citizenship is practiced. What we are left with is a citizenship that is in constant flux; it is decentered and undergoing change in both the way it is practiced and the places it is practiced in. Mouffe gives us a distinct yet unifying conceptRead MorePublic Servants Play A Huge Role In Implementing Policies1265 Words   |  6 Pagesand have responsibilities to fulfill while in office. In carrying out these responsibilities and duties, there are certain administrative values that must be found in them like ethical, democratic and professional (Barker Mau, p.14). However, public individuals and institutions can disregard the values and ethics code for the public sector and as such make the public to question their decisions and activities. Since the late 17th Century, classical liberal theorists had argued that publicity andRead MoreThe Political Policies Of America1403 Words   |  6 PagesProsperity is a relatively new foundation that emerged from the split of Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation. Americans for Prosperity is one of the many political groups that the Koch brothers and Koch Industries created to get their way in American legislation. In America politics there are interest groups that will fund politicians’ political campaigns or lobby the politicians to persuade them to change their minds on certain subjects. With that being said, the difference between Americans forRead MoreResponsibility Project1080 Words   |  4 Pageswas viewed on the Responsibility Project website. The discussion was centered on the lack of ethics in political campaigning and how political organizations could be more ethical and less hostile to one another. What were the issues in this video and why are they important? The issue in this video involved ethical campaigning, the lack of ethical campaigning, and the loss of civility in American political campaigns; those on the panel were asked to respond to specific questions about campaigningRead MoreBaby Boomer s Goals And Goals1500 Words   |  6 Pages contributed to the decline of the middle class because of the Boomer’s financial, political and secular decisions. Looking at the philosophy of these baby boomers, what the philosophy led too and the common characteristics of the boomer generation can help draw a conclusion about their contribution to the middle class. There are also the values and ethics of the boomer generation and how these values and ethics contributed to the positive or negative impact on the workplace today need to be takenRead MoreBusiness Ethics Essay1496 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿LAW ETHICS IN THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT 6e Test Bank Revisions for the 7th edition by Eric D. Yordy, The W. A. Franke College of Business at Northern Arizona University CHAPTER 1 Law, Ethics, Business: An Introduction Questions 1. Select the best definition of ethics: a. a fairly clear cut set of guides for decision making. b. a set of relatively unclear principles regarding what we must do. c. a set of relatively unclear principles regarding what we should do. d. religious viewsRead MoreCompulsory Voting: Moral Issues and Necessities in A Democratic Nation1686 Words   |  7 PagesCompulsory Voting: Moral Issues and Necessities in A Democratic Nation Compulsory voting as defined by Merriam Webster is a system in which electors are obligated to vote in elections, or be subject to punitive measures such as fines or community service if violated. It is a system of voting that has been implemented successfully in over 30 countries, and has seen the increase in voting turnout on average of 20%. When compulsory voting was abandoned turnout after a period of mandatory voting

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Description Of The History Of Family Centered Services

Description of the history of family-centered services Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the family centered services generated preventable client assignment with no definite procedures for stability (Mass Engler, 1959; Gruber, 1973 ;as cited by Pecora, Reed-Ashcraft, Kirk). Furthermore, Gruber (1973) established that the problem was rooted in insufficient data to make suitable decisions to address clients concerns. Likewise, Franshel Shinn (1978; as cited by Pecora, Reed-Ashcraft, Kirk) added that this resulted in one of many issues such as, family centered services encouraging separation between blood relatives by restricting contact. The goals of child welfare services. In order to address these past mishaps, the following three goals were established by child welfare services. The first goal of child welfare services is the security of its clients (Pecora Harrison-Jackson, 2016). When I was in college as an undergrad, I had a terrible roommate. She made my living environment very uncomfortable, where I felt at times as if I was walking on pins and needles. It was always tense in our room. As adults desire a safe, comfortable environment, how much more vulnerable children? The second goal is to make every effort to maintain family attachments or provide a stable alternative environment (Pecora Harrison-Jackson, 2016). I have never been transferred from place to place, but I can imagine. It must be the most uncomfortable feeling; conceivably, theShow MoreRelatedTaking A Patient History : The Role Of The Nurse1159 Words   |  5 PagesJournal Article Review Introduction ‘Taking a patient history: the role of the nurse’ is an article written by Tonks Fawcett and Sarah Rhynas, published in the Nursing Standard, volume 26, issue 24, pages 41-46 on February 15, 2012 . In this article, the authors write about taking a patient’s history and how this is a vital element of patient assessment. It focuses on the patient as a whole, and how the nurse can learn to elicit biographical information and personal circumstance for application toRead MoreLong-term Care Utilizing Nurse Practitioners Essay1008 Words   |  5 PagesLong term care (LTC) settings provide a vast variety of services that range from convalescent care, respite stays and skilled rehabilitation services which includes: skilled nursing, physical, occupational or speech therapy. LTC includes a broad spectrum of services that are designed to meet the varying needs of geriatric individuals and other adults with functional restrictions. The services rendered in this setting ar e designed to support individual needs from assistance with activities of dailyRead MoreA Wide Range Of Informational And Educational Programs1767 Words   |  8 Pages At NFC, patients and their families have access to complete, unbiased, and useful information, however, no systems are in place to ensure this. A wide range of informational and educational programs and materials are consistently available to patients and families. Written, audiovisual, and web-based information and educational resources include examples and images that reflect the diversity of patients and families served by NFC. No trained interpreters or peer-led educational programs are availableRead MorePatient-Centered Medical Homes1462 Words   |  6 Pages O., and Martin, S. (2012, December). The patient-centered medical home. American Journal of Nursing, 112(12), 54 59. doi: 10.1097/ 01.NAJ.0000423506.38393.52 Retrieved 2012/12000/The_Patient_Centered_Medical_Home.26.aspx One of the aims of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 is improved integration and coordination of services for primary patient care. The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is one of the approaches by whichRead MoreThe Behavioral Health Division Is A Community Mental Health Center1353 Words   |  6 Pagesleader in the community due to the services they provided in Martin, St. Lucie, Okeechobee and Indian River counties. We serve over five hundred clients per year. Since the Medicaid expansion and mental health changes under the affordable healthcare in 2014. The organization behavioral health division is projected to increase their client list by fifty percent. As a result of changes to community mental health, Helping People Succeed wants to extend the services they offers to the different countiesRead MoreAre Ehrs Helping For Improve Care?1231 Words   |  5 Pagescare today, and electronic health records (EHR) are one of these updates. EHRâ€℠¢s are an electronic version of a patient’s medical history. Since EHR have been implemented, it has saved patient’s lives, but also caused casualties. The question is are EHR’s helping to improve care? In this paper, the benefits of EHR’s are discussed in how they’ve improved patient-centered care and promoted health care. Improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of care while reducing disparities Quality, safety, andRead MoreDescription Of A Leader : Lynley Joined The Unthsc Team1384 Words   |  6 PagesDescription of Leader Lynley joined the UNTHSC team about 20 years ago as a research assistant in the department of Pharmacology and Neuroscience after receiving a degree (BS) in Neuropsychology from TCU. Every day she would come into the research center and work with rats on improving diseases and conditions many American are fighting today. After about 6 years in Pharmacology, her boss at the time took a position in Information Technology Services (ITS) as a grant writer. A spot opened in ITS atRead MoreCommunity Description / Analysis Project1473 Words   |  6 Pages Community Description/ Analysis Project Tonya Pinchback Morgan State University Community Description According to Feverbee, there are five different types of communities (Feverbee, 2015). The five types are communities are interest, action, place, practice, and circumstance. Interest is people sharing the same interest or passion. Action is people trying to bring about change. Place is where people are brought together by geographic boundaries. Practice are people in the same professionRead MoreSocial Work And Welfare History1477 Words   |  6 PagesSocial Work/ Welfare History In 1906, in-school social work programs were integrated into New York City schools with hopes to bridge the gaps between the schools and communities in which they served. Since then in-school social workers have become more than just school and community liaisons but also the caseworkers, confidants, youth program advocates, as well as truancy reporters. In 1946, the National School Lunch Act was established and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman. This policyRead MoreBecoming An Integral Part Of The Medical Technician907 Words   |  4 Pageshim since he had lost his immediate family during the war in Bosnia and Croatia. With a sense of understanding, comfort, and trust developing, I continued to hold his hand and progressed through the medical assessment. Communicating his multiple symptoms to the physician, one specific description stood out to me: a painful, ripping sensation in his lower back and abdomen. Recalling my training and medical literature, this unique description and his medical history seemed consistent with a life-threatening

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Nike †good or bad Free Essays

Nike is good: A factory called Samyang in Vietnam (a factory under Nike contract) seems to be keeping satisfactory working levels within the building. It employs 5,200 people, most of them being women. The factory is made up of six big buildings with well-kept surroundings. We will write a custom essay sample on Nike – good or bad? or any similar topic only for you Order Now Inside, there are fans keeping the workers cool, fire extinguishers about in the case of an emergency, and workers can easily access goggles, masks and gloves if they need them. Workers get double the local average of $54 per month and an annual bonus of at least one month’s salary. Other factories get a lot less – in rural areas, factories pay $35 per month, in suburbs they pay $40 per month, and in cities, $45 per month. In state-owned factories (factories owned by the government), workers get a surprisingly low $15 per month! All this money they are getting has allowed most of them (three quarters) to buy a television, many to have a motorbike, some to have phones, etc. Not only does this improve their life, but it also allows other businesses such as petrol stations, electronic repair shops, etc. to function properly and make money too. This is called the multiplier effect. Nike has made changes to improve health and safety. In 1998, it replaced the very hazardous petroleum-based solvents with less harmful water-based ones. In 1999, an expert in the field went to verify Nike had actually done this at the Tae Kwang Vina factory in Vietnam. The investigator found that Nike had indeed replaced the compound and had also installed local exhaust ventilation systems. They also discovered that Nike had trained certain staff personnel aspects of health and safety. Nike is bad: Nike does not own the factories their clothes are manufactured in. This means they can leave at any time, leaving thousands of workers unemployed and fighting for their life while they find another job. For example, on February 22nd 2008, the BJJ factory in the Dominic Republic announced that it was going to slowly fire workers and close. The factory, owned by Korean company called Yupoong, was making Nike caps at the time. In the Tae Kwang Vina factory mentioned earlier, some health and safety issues remained. Some sections of the factory were still exposed to hazardous chemicals, and to high heat and noise levels. In 1997, it was found that workers in a different factory were being exposed to 100 times the legal limit of Toluene, a toxic gas. Nike gets its clothes made in countries with free trade zones where it is illegal or extremely difficult for workers to organise into trade unions. It is practically impossible for workers to get better conditions (such as better pay, improved health and safety, etc.) when they cannot get together and form a united group to approach their boss. However, this said, some factory workers have done it before and achieved what they were protesting for. The Ching Luh Nike factory has 21,000 employees, and in June 2008, after going on strike for 2 days, they managed to get Nike to increase their wages by $6 a month. Some people think that the minimum wage in countries is enough to survive because the cost of living in that particular country is lower too. The chart below proves this to be wrong with three primary countries that Nike manufactures in. Nike doesn’t pay lots to its workers. In many countries, they live way under the predicted living wage. The table shows the average wage of all the factories in that country, and the living wage in each. The data presented is only an average. Some factory workers earn only $1.60 a day, where the price of three meals a day is $2.00. How to cite Nike – good or bad?, Papers

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Theme for English B- Langston Hughes Research Paper Example

Theme for English B- Langston Hughes Paper Langston Hughes wrote Theme for English B in 1949. English in the poem is emblematic of comprehensiveness, universality and cultural integration. The poem is a satirical take on the grading system with regard to individuals; and utilizes the vernacular as a potent metaphor to emphasis this. Hughes uses language, certain rhythm and structure to relay the bias to writing a poem on oneself due to the connotation that comes with race. The English language in question, English B, is emphasized as a level of English that is below the regular English A.In this context, the poet voices that the whites consider themselves to be the original inhabitants or true, as opposed to the blacks who were treated as secondary citizens. Parts of Theme for English B rhyme and other parts do not. The introduction to the poem starts with the poet paraphrasing the instructor’s orders: â€Å"Go home and write/a page tonight. And let that page come out of you/then it will be true. The speaker asks, I wonder if its that simple? The rest of the stanza in his voice, which is African-American, does not rhyme.The poem concludes with rhyming lines which end with me and free, and the last line: This is my page for English B. the vicissitudes in the rhyme pattern is representative of how language defines the supposed â€Å"quality† of the assignment. Furthermore, the shift in rhyme accentuates the metaphor of how this page is a representation of him and therefore how the different vernacular and rhyme are illustrative of how he is an amalgam of culture, neither stereotypically black, nor a white duplicate, but a contemporary blend of the two.In the poem, he lists facts about himself. This list is ingeniously written because Hughes subtly equates himself as first, a human being, then a normal man- just like any other- and finally as a man with good taste in terms of music and possessions â€Å"I like to eat, sleep, drink, and be in love. / I like to work, read, learn, and under stand life/ like a pipe for a Christmas present/ or records—Bessie, Bop, or Bach† (Hughes 21-23).He also states things that set him apart from his classmates, including the fact that he is the only African American man in his class and that he resides in Harlem (Hughes 10-11). By conveying his commonality, despite the superficial issue of race, Hughes depicts his plight of figuring out who he is as an individual, but also as a man trying to fit into society. He is both a part of Harlem and a part of a mostly white English class: â€Å"I guess I’m what / I feel and see and hear, Harlem, I hear you† (Hughes 17-18).While he holds onto his African American culture, he also acknowledges that it does not define him as a person: â€Å"I guess being colored doesn’t make me  not  like / the same things other folks like who are other races† (Hughes 25-26). Hughes concludes that although he is different from his peers in some ways, they are all Amer icans with common likes and purposes. The â€Å"page† therefore works as a viable and profound metaphor for cultural integration.